Thrive in a job you dread but you can’t leave yet,

without losing your sanity, in just 30 minutes a day.

30-Minute Corporate Survival Kit

A quick, easy to implement and action focused course to help you go from purposeless and overworked in your job to confident and in control in as little as 30 minutes a day.

The advantages of taking this course:

You will know what actions to take every time you feel exahusted, overwhelmed or stressed in your job, so that you can feel in control again.

You will discover the real reason why you dread your job, so that you can start doing something about it.

You will discover the superpower that you need to use and leverage to survive better and even thrive in your job.

You will cope better with your toxic boss or coworkers, so that you won’t dread your job anymore.

You will have more energy at the end of your workday, so that you will have the energy to still do what really matters the most to you.

You will avoid the power struggle trap.

You will feel in control of your career again.

The four reasons why the 30-minute Corporate Survival Kit is unlike any other career course you have done before:

Exercises easy to blend into your busy schedule

I won’t ask you to add one more tedious task to your already long day. This isn’t the usual formal career course with long and boring exercises . The four exercises will be simple, short and easy to implement in your daily working routine, even in boring meetings, in your commute or on your coffee break.


Everyone has unique personality, inclinations and distinctive working and life circumstances. As a result, the four exercises of this course have been created to be easily customised to your unique personality, needs and situation.

Hello, I am Marta, not your typical career coach.

I am a career coach that merges the logical approach of the corporate world with the wisdom of the alternative therapies.

I use Family Constellations, Trauma healing, Inner Child healing work, Meditation, Neuro-linguistic Programming, etc., to help my clients to find their answers within and align their career path with their soul path.

I have a degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan and worked as a chartered accountant in corporate for several years before training in alternative therapies in India, England and Italy.