Gain clarity on what to do next in your career in 10 days,

without squeezing even more in your schedule

10 Days Escape Plan Course

A quick, easy to implement and action focused course to help you go from stuck and confused in your job to clarity on the next step in your career


Take focused actions to gain clarity on what next in your career


Have clarity on your next job


Take the right next step forward in your career without delays

 10 Days Escape Plan

The fastest way to go from stuck to clarity on the next step in your career in as little as 10 days without hustling or squeezing even more in your schedule

The unfair advantages of taking this course

You will have a clear idea on your next job so that you know what to focus on and what to disregard.

You will discover what’s your unique superpower that when left unmanaged keeps you stuck in your job so that you can start doing something about it.

You will know what actions to take every time you feel stuck, lost or confused so that you can get quickly unstuck from your job.

You will be able to close the GAP from where you are to where you want to be so that you can move forward in your career without further delays.

You will take the right next step forward in your career so that you avoid mistakes and detours.  

You will feel confident in your ability to move forward in your career and feel more fulfilled in your job.

The 4 reasons why 10 days Escape Plan is unlike any other career course you have done before:

NO list of skills, strengths, likes, dislikes, values to create

I won’t ask you to generate dozens of lists in the hope that this process will somehow create an epiphany to help you identify your next step. This is because lists rarely translate into a job title or a career. Clarity emerges when you learn to manage the invisible force that blocks it.


NO need to discover your passions or what you love

I won’t ask you to discover your passions or figure out what you love to do as work satisfaction does not have anything to do with doing something you love or you are passionate about as most career coaches claim and most people believe. In this course you will learn what’s real career satisfaction and how you can get it even in your current job.


NO purposeless hustling and trying new stuff

I won’t ask you to get out there, do “stuff” and trying new things out to gain clarity. Clarity is not something you need to go and seek outside yourself, but it is something that emerges from within when you create the right conditions and manage the invisible force that keeps it hidden from you.

NO uninspiring and tedious career exercises

I won’t ask you to add one more tedious task to your already long day. This won’t be the usual formal career program with serious and boring exercises . The exercises will be simple, light and with the aim to lift your spirit so that it will be easier to have clarity and identify what’s the right next step for you.

Hello, I am Marta

I was where you are standing right now 10 years ago. I felt trapped in a cubicle where I was only using a small part of my potential. I felt I was meant for something other than being a chartered accountant but I didn’t have any idea what it was.  Thus, I literally tried everything that gurus in the career industry said to do: professional coaching, personality tests, hundreds of lists with my skills, values and passions but nothing of those techniques helped me to gain clarity on what next for me.  Yet, I finally find the solution when I started to listen to my inner truth. I now help professionals like you to figure out what next in their career.

I am not your typical Career Coach

I merge the logical approach of the corporate world with the wisdom and skillset I have gathered during my extensive training and knowledge of the last 12 years in NLP, Pranic Healing, Trauma Healing, Family Constellations, Meditation and Yoga